I never tire of hearing these words and, time and time again, this is how clients describe their experience of the Rewire Program.

I know I can help you transform what you eat and the way you think about food, but you don't need to take my word for it - below are just some of the kind words of feedback that clients have given.

"Thank you so much for all you've done - it has changed my life. Not just in that my body shape has changed but my health has improved. I've lost close to 3 stone and reduced my body fat by almost a third and I have the tools and confidence to manage my weight now. 

You have taught me to approach food and eating in a healthy and balanced way, not labelling myself as 'bad' when my choices aren't the better options and importantly to eat with intent: to feed my body well so that it can support me better and to really enjoy treats when I have them (not mindlessly shovel them in or treat them as daily norms). I've learned that when I eat less and better, I enjoy my food more and I feel better! THANK YOU!"

- Claudia V.

 "I feel emotionally so much freer. Food doesn’t control me. For the first time in years
I feel positive around food.
 I can enjoy it, I can appreciate it. I don’t have to run scared of it because it doesn’t own me. I don’t feel on a rollercoaster with it anymore. 

I’m so grateful to you for how you’ve set this up because it feels easy. And I’ve never been able to say that about anything I’ve done before. In the past it didn’t matter whether I’d lost a pound or a stone on a diet, it had felt hard yards every step of the way with whatever I’d done. But this has been completely different. I haven’t at any point in time felt like I’ve been on a diet. I haven’t felt deprived.

I feel better. I feel better physically, I feel better emotionally, I’m sleeping better and I’ve lost weight - all of those boxes have been ticked. I’ve lost weight but I haven’t felt like I’m dieting. I just feel like I’m eating how I should have always been eating and I had totally lost any sense or grip of what that looked like.

Food is not dominating my thinking anymore. It just isn't there. It feels so liberating to be free of that internal dialogue. Everything you’ve done has enabled me to do that so it’s been so easy. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t speak to you five years ago. " 

- Emma S.


"Before doing the Rewire Program I had no energy, none of my clothes fitted, I wasn’t happy and I had no confidence whatsoever.  I was eating whatever I wanted, drinking whatever I wanted and basically just using food and drink to help me deal with situations and using food a lot for reward and comfort. I felt so desperate and I knew things had to change.

Since doing the program and working with Jennie, something's happened that I didn't think was possible. Whereas before when I’d dieted it felt like hardship and complete misery, now I pick up healthy food and enjoy it. It all comes automatically and I don't even question it, it just happens. I’ve got new eating habits now and I don't feel deprived at all.

Food used to be constantly on my mind from the minute I got up to the minute I went to bed, but now I don't even think about food anymore and that’s amazing. It really is incredible. Best of all my confidence and self-esteem have grown. I’m being kinder to myself and that’s increased my self-worth.

It’s overwhelming the difference it’s made. It’s been life-changing." 

- Sarah S.

I can only start by saying the programme has been LIFE CHANGING for me. Since joining the programme within the first 3 months I lost 16lbs, the most I had continuously lost over such a short period of time.  I also, lost 8.5 inches from my abdomen area alone.  

My body shape has completely changed.  My pre-pregnancy clothes now fit and I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe to delve into. I have more energy and I am not controlled by my sugar cravings.  My skin and hair look amazing. What you will get out of this programme I could not put a cost on.

- Colleen M. 

"As a qualified psychotherapist with an extensive background in disordered eating, I am aware of the psychological impact of why we overeat. However with my continuing struggle with the menopause coupled with lockdown, I found myself developing an unhealthy way of eating and I felt I had ‘lost the plot’. I believed it would be beneficial for me to engage with a professional who understood nutrition.

Jennie introduced me to the programme which was very unambiguous and easy to follow. Whilst I have tried many diets/regimes in the past, this new way of eating left me feeling fuller and more energised than I had experienced before.

Jennie is a great coach; encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Jennie to anyone who wants to lose weight and change the way they eat going into the future" 

- Ruth D.

Finding Jennie and the Rewire program really has been life changing!

Before the course, I had spent many years counting calories, skipping meals and trying numerous fad diets. Jennie has shown me that the key to losing weight is a really simple, healthy and balanced way of eating which quickly becomes a way of life.

It is liberating to know that I never need to do another fad diet and to be able to get into all of those clothes which didn’t fit! I am so pleased that I found this course and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight.

Thank you so much Jennie x

- Sarah O.

Before I started the Rewire program I was feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and my mood was very low. I was worried about my long term health because I knew I was eating badly. 

I had got used to my ever increasing size, and choosing clothes that would hide my tummy. I didn't feel good about my body, I didn't feel nice in my clothes, but my weight had started to feel normal.

I didn't think I could lose weight on my own, and I didn't want to do any fad diets. The thought of depriving myself and feeling hungry filled me with dread!

Then I found Jennie and what she had to offer, and I felt hopeful that she might be able to help me.

I was still not convinced I would be able to lose any significant weight, and I remember Jennie's absolute faith and belief in me that I could. I held that close in the early days and the support between sessions has been invaluable.

As the weight started to fall off, I gained awareness about what function food played for me. I was using food to fill a gap emotionally. Now if I do emotionally eat, I can see far more clearly that it doesn't work, and in turn I don't need to do it.

I also found that while I thought I knew the right foods to eat, actually I didn't. Jennie's menu suggestions (which can be enjoyed by the whole family) have helped me with ideas. I now feel empowered to make healthy choices and I've surprised myself because I really enjoy them. My food has so much more flavour, I feel fuller for longer and I don't have cravings or crashes in the day when I need to eat something sweet.

Having finished the program, I can now go shopping and choose tops because I like them. I'm not limited to clothes that will hide a tummy. I have so much more energy and get up and go. Food doesn't have the same power over me that it once did. Someone recently asked me whether losing the weight had been hard. I thought about it and my answer was no. 

It hasn't been hard, because I haven't felt deprived or hungry. If anything I feel far more satisfied, and I have a lot more energy. I don't recognise the low and lethargic person I was when I first came to see Jennie.

I would recommend Jennie to anyone who wants to lose weight, or anyone who just wants to eat better for a longer, fitter life." 

- Amy S.

"I feel truly blessed to have met you and made the decision to invest in myself and find my confidence and self esteem again.  Feel very thankful as it really has made a difference." 

- Becky R

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. Not only do I 'feel' better but I also feel better about myself, thanks to you. The course has helped me enormously not only to question what I'm eating but also has given me the tools to make the right choices. 

You've helped me lose weight and feel more confident than I could have hoped, thank you. I have honestly enjoyed the whole experience and found the information you provide throughout the course extremely interesting and informative. It was a pleasure to meet you. Your professional, friendly approach made the whole experience a positive one. You are an inspiration, thank you!" 

- Rosie D.

"When I weighed myself last week, I was down 4kg.  I'm thrilled and the best is, it is not hard work.....it is becoming the new normal. Love you and your stuff" 

- Caroline S.

"The sessions with Jennie have been mind-blowing. The meals are so enjoyable, filling and delicious, I can hardly believe that this type of food could lead me to lose weight.  I had bought into the hype that low fat everything, and artificially sweetened foods were the answer to my weight problems.  I thought the reason I found it hard was because I didn't try hard enough.  Well I was wrong.  All that is a load of garbage, I realise now – and I could not have done it alone. 

It took no time at all to start seeing results, and before I knew it, I was 10kg lighter (now I'm about 14kg lighter).  And it all seemed too easy to believe.  I hadn’t felt as if I was on a diet, I had not gone hungry, I have not craved sweet things, I haven't had to fill myself up with boring bland vegetables and salads.  The food is so delicious I almost can't wait to be hungry again" 

- Claire B.

"I highly recommend Jennie's course. It completely changed my eating habits. I've lost over 3 stone, I feel great and am still enjoying comments from people about how much better I look." 

- Julia W.

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